Global Environmental Footprint

Through the core mission and values of "Look Beyond", AGC Glass Asia Pacific aims to contribute towards building a sustainable society. We aim to do this by integrating AGC's unique materials and solutions into our daily lives and creating a harmonious relationship with the environment. 

We have integrated our sustainability mentality throughout our value chain including manufacturing processes, product innovation and services. Our product plans are designed by taking into account integrated product Life Cycle Analysis and green product certifications while also tracking our corporate carbon footprint. These techniques give AGC a strong cohesive system that creates a sustainable building environment while satisfying product objectives.

EPD and Life Cycle Analysis

With buildings currently being responsible for 39% of global energy-related carbon emissions, decarbonising the building sector is key to tackling this climate emergency. To do this, governments and green building schemes enforce the disclosure of environmental data for products and building materials. This results in official declaration of environmental information and a higher level of transparency. 
As a global glass manufacturer, we understand the vital role we play in creating and maintaining a sustainable environment. Today, AGC Glass Asia Pacific is committed to declaring our environmental performance through Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) for our glass products and do our part in contributing to a better tomorrow. 


AGC began its EPD journey for glass in Europe in 2009 and has extended coverage to Asia manufactured glass. AGC Glass Asia Pacific is the first glassmaker to publish EPD covering products manufactured in Asia. 

AGC’s glass businesses prepare EPDs according to the type III environmental declaration that is compliant with the ISO 14025 standard. The EPDs are both third-party verified and registered documents communicating comparable environmental information based on dedicated data collection from all our plants, reflecting our exact processes and environmental performance.

An EPD document helps us understand the environmental impact our glazing activities have and presents it in a readable format. It can also serve as supporting evidence to governments and green building schemes for building assessments and green certifications. Green building schemes award credits for building projects that use products that are EPD certified. Products that fulfil environmental requirements can contribute to earning points for projects.

Download AGC Glass Asia Clear and Tinted Glass EPD

Download AGC Glass Asia Pyrolitic Coated Glass EPD


Following the methodology outlined in the IS0 14040 standard, AGC stands committed to our glazing’s LCA studies and to defining our impact on the environment. Our LCA studies will be critical to supporting your project’s consideration for green building schemes such as LEED and Singapore BCA Green Mark that place great emphasis on these studies. 

Sustainable Product Certifications

As emerging countries commit to achieving carbon neutrality or "Net Zero" emissions by 2050, certified sustainable products are gaining importance to building material manufacturers. 
There are currently several green product certificates that are recognised globally, depending on the region. To name a few, Cradle to Cradle Certified® products and Singapore Green Building Product are two highly regarded programmes that many organisations in the building sector take reference from when earning green points for their projects. 

Cradle to Cradle Certified® (C2C) products 

C2C is a widely adopted green product certification, for projects that are looking to attain points under the LEED Green Building Rating System. AGC Glass Europe is the first glassmaker to obtain C2C certification in 2010.
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Singapore Green Building Product (SGBP) Certification Scheme

SGBP certification scheme certifies green building products and materials and is highly recommended for building projects seeking to obtain Green Mark points in the Asia Pacific region. AGC Glass Asia Pacific is the first and only glassmaker to obtain SGBP certification with our coated and interior glass. 
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