Mirox = Miralux

Asahimas initially has Dantalux and Miralux for Mirror products. After move to new factory in Cikampek with new technology, Asahimas simplify it’s product range with superior mirror. Miralux well known in Indonesia meanwhile for export known as Mirox. Miralux patented by Asahimas but in 2020 AGC decide to unify mirror products using Mirox. Therefore Asahimas will provide same product as AGC, Mirox. Mirox New Generation Ecological (MNGE) from AGC Europe has been well recognised globally since its introduction, thanks to it's long-standing reputation for its quality and performance. AGC has taken a step further to manufacture Mirox MNGE in Asia (PT Asahimas Flat Glass Tbk, Cikampek plant) with the same patented AGC European technology, offering the same optimum levels of quality and service. What we aim is to bring our ecological mirror closer to our customers in Indonesia.


  1. Copper-free metal coatings
  2. Very low lead in protective paints (<3000ppm)
  3. Ability to resist chemical damage
  4. Resistance to corrosion
  5. Close to zero indoor emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), including formaldehyde
Type and Specifications
Kind Of Glass Thickness (mm) Size (inch)
60x48 72x48 96x72 120x84
Mirox (MX) 3  


Our mirrors can be used in various applications, from interior design to industrial usage. Get the experience of our high quality mirror at your room. It will make a different impression of brighter, spacious and luxurious room with natural dear refflection.

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