Decorative Reflection

Asahimas introduces you Decomirror, a unique mirror for your modern lifestyle. Decomirror is produced by applying silver coating to various Asahimas high quality tinted glass. It has no distortion and its surface is absolutely flat. Asahimas renowned expertise in glass making is reflected in this magnificient product.


>High light reflection of 92% in 5mm.
>Higher corrosion resistance than copper backed mirrors conventional
>Improved resistance to cleaners and adhesives

Type and Specifications
Kind Of Glass Types Thickness (mm) Standar Size (Inch)
5 96x72 120x84 126x84
Tinted Mirror
Black DMXDG 5 5 5
Bronze DMXBR 5 5 5
Grey DMXGE 5 5 5

>Various interior usage, such as : room partition, wall cover, etc.
>Furniture : wardrobe door, table, kitchen set, etc.

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