Focus On Enhanced Solar Control For Comfort

Stopsol is a reflective pyrolytic coated glass that stands out for its performance durability coupled with good solar control and unique refl ective aesthetics. It can be easily used for a large variety of processing options including tempering, laminating, bending and silkscreen printing, offering architects unlimited creativity for its applications.
The final appearance of Stopsol will depend on the colour of the substrate glass, the coating, the thickness and the position of the coating.
With the constant strive for innovation and cutting-edge technologies, Asahimas has improved the performances of the Stopsol Supersilver series by using advanced technology to apply the oxide coating.


• Offers improved solar control performance for comfort
• Presents energy efficient glass that reduces energy cost
• Offers a more brilliant tone of neutral tint that is visually appealing and help to minimize glare for occupant's comfort
• Offers multiple processing possibilities (tempering, laminating, IGU, etc)
• Available for single glazing & IGU usage
• Easy handling and processing for processors (no edge deletion required)

Type and Specifications
Kind Of Glass Thickness (mm) Standard Size (mm) Weight
5 6 8 3210x2134 3210x2250* 5100x3210
Online Reflective Glass
Supersilver Dark Blue SSDHF   6,8 6,8 6,8 5mm = 12
8mm = 20
Supersilver New Dark Blue SSDHNF     5 5 5
Supersilver Euro Grey  SSGEF   6,8 6,8 6,8
Supersilver Green  SSGNF 5,6,8 5,6,8 6,8
Supersilver Blue Green SSBNF   6,8 6,8 6,8
Classic Dark Blue* CDH* 5,6,8 5,6,8 6,8

* Non Standard

>Windows of high performance buildings (Office, Residential, etc)

>For all types of glass walls.


Remark :

  1. The energy properties are calculated according to ISO 9050 and ISO 10292
  2. The tolerance of published data with respect to photometric properties is +/- 3 points
  3. The U-Value tolerance is +/- 0.1 W/m2K
  4. Specifications, technical and other data are based on information available at the time of preparation of this document and are subjected to change without notice.
    • Asahimas Flat Glass Tbk. cannot be held responsible for any deviation between the data introduced and the conditions on site.
  5. This document is no evaluation of the risk of glass breakage due to thermal stress .
  6. Tempered glass and heat strengthened glass have potential risk of spontaneous breakage. PT. Asahimas Flat Glass Tbk. cannot guarantee spontaneous breakage due to characteristics of glass. For tempered glass, PT. Asahimas Flat Glass Tbk. strongly recommends to apply heat soak test to reduce the risk of spontaneous breakage. The Official NiS Disclaimer document is available on 
  • No.4.Menara Citicon.JPG
  • No.6A.Arcadia Office Park.JPG
  • No.7.Sacombank (HCMC, Vietnam).JPG
  • No.6C.Arcadia Office Park.JPG
  • No.8.Bank Mega Card Center.JPG
  • No.6B.Arcadia Office Park.JPG
  • No.1.Rodamas Head Office_Foto Besar.JPG
  • No.2.APL Tower_Foto Besar.JPG
  • No.3.Pullman Jakarta Central Park_Foto Besar.JPG
  • No.4.Komisi Yudisial RI.JPG
  • No.7.Office @Senopati.JPG
  • No.8.The Signature Ambassade Apartment.JPG
  • No.5.JGC Indonesia.JPG
  • No.10.TItan Centre.JPG
  • No.6.Orang Tua Building.JPG
  • No.11.Menara Palma.JPG
  • No.12.Sinar Mas Land Plaza Head Office (Yang Lama).JPG
  • No.9.RS Mayapada Lebak Bulus.JPG
  • No.2.Smart Telecom BSD Office.JPG
  • No.1.Mandala Finance Office_Foto Besar.JPG


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