Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Personal Information Protection Policy of the Company

PT Asahimas Flat Glass Tbk (Asahimas) recognizes the essential importance of the proper and adequate protection of the information of individuals, such as names, addresses, telephone numbers etc., which may be available to distinguish the identities of our customers, business partners, employees and all other parties concerned with our business operations (hereinafter collectively referred to as “Personal Information”).

Recognizing its responsibility to society, Asahimas hereby establishes the following basic policies (hereinafter “Policy”) to protect privacy of individuals and comply with laws and regulations enacted to protect Personal Information while conducting its business activities:

Handling of Personal Information

1. Asahimas will collect, use, and provide Personal Information through the fair and legal means.

(1) Use within the Scope of Utilization Purpose

At the time of collecting any Personal Information, Asahimas will specify the purpose and scope of its use. Asahimas will use such collected Personal Information strictly within its originally intended scope of use and limited usage as necessary for business operations.

(2) Authorization from the Individual

In case of necessity in which said Personal Information must be used beyond the above-mentioned scope, Asahimas will obtain an authorization from the individual to whom such Personal Information relates (hereinafter “Individual”) with regard to the planned use, except as allowed by relevant laws and regulations.

(3) Security Measures to Protect Personal Information

When handling such Personal Information, Asahimas will strive to develop an organizational structure that has policies and procedures in place to strictly manage the Personal Information to prevent its illegal access, loss, falsification or leakage. To ensure the appropriate handling of personal information, Asahimas will continue to strengthen and improve internal systems, implement the necessary secure management measures in accordance with technological standards, and perform appropriate internal audits, etc.

(4) Third Party Provision

Unless authorized by the Individual or allowed by relevant laws and regulations, Asahimas will not provide Personal Information to any third party. In addition, when providing such Personal Information to any third party as authorized or allowed above, Asahimas will conclude a contract with the third party or take any other measures that obligates the third party to be responsible for the management of the Personal Information to be provided, thereby preventing its leakage to any other party or other misuse.

Request for Disclosure etc. of Personal Information

2. Asahimas will promptly respond to requests from the Individual to disclose, correct, add and/or delete his or her Personal Information, to the extent required by relevant laws and regulations.

Compliance with Laws on the Protection of Personal Information

3. Asahimas will comply with relevant laws and regulations with regard to the protection of Personal Information, and also constantly review its implementation of the Policy, and strive to make further improvements.

Policy Awareness

4. Asahimas will completely inform of this Policy to all of its directors, offices and employees (including commissioned and dispatched personnel) as well as other concerned parties, to ensure that each of them understands the importance of the Policy and conduct him or herself in an appropriate manner to follow the Policy.


Purpose of Collecting Personal Information

Asahimas generally uses Personal Information for the purposes described below. (If a specific purpose of using Personal Information is clearly indicated, Asahimas will use the Personal Information for that specific purpose.) If Asahimas uses Personal Information for any other purposes, Asahimas will clearly indicate it before collecting it.

(1) Responding to and dealing with general inquiries and requests and requests for materials;

(2) Providing Asahimas products and services and related information;

(3) Conducting surveys to find out about the use of and need for Asahimas products and services and improving Asahimas’ products and services;

(4) Marketing, selling, and providing services for Asahimas’ products; and

(5) Communicating for business purposes in the course of Asahimas’ business activities


Sharing of Personal Information

Asahimas jointly uses Personal Information with its group companies as shown in the table below.

With whom Personal Information is jointly used

Asahimas only


What Personal Information is jointly used

Name, address, telephone number, fax number, email address, place of work (department, job title, inquiry and transaction details etc.)

Purpose of jointly using Personal Information

The purposes described in the “Purpose of Collecting Personal Information” section above

Person responsible for managing Personal Information

Representative Asahimas’ PIC


Provision of Personal Information to Third Parties

Asahimas will not disclose or provide your Personal Information to third parties unless:

(1)   You have given consent;

(2)   Personal Information is provided to subcontractors (and their subcontractors) that we engage to handle all or part of Personal Information to the extent necessary to achieve the purpose of using Personal Information;

(3)   Personal Information is provided to those listed in the “With whom Personal Information is jointly used” section above;

(4)   The disclosure or provision is required by law;

(5)   The disclosure or provision is required to protect the life, body, or property of a person, but it is difficult to obtain your consent; or

(6)   It is necessary to cooperate with the central government or local governments when they perform their public administrative duties and obtaining your consent could adversely affect the execution of such duties.


Security Measures to Protect Personal Information

Asahimas has a Personal Information management structure and framework in place to prevent any unauthorized access to and loss, falsification, or leakage of Personal Information and strives to ensure appropriate security measures are taken. They are summarized below:

Personal Information Protection Policy

To ensure Personal Information is appropriately handled, Asahimas has this Personal Information Protection Policy, internal rules, and manuals in place to comply with various laws and regulations and deal with Personal Information requests and inquiries.

Rule for Handling Personal Information

Asahimas’ Personal Information Protection Management Rule specifies how Personal Information should be handled at each stage of its handling process which includes collection, use, maintenance, provision, deletion, and disposal.

In addition, Asahimas regularly checks the following security measures to protect Personal Information:

(1) Organizational security measures

・ Asahimas has appointed managers who are responsible for handling Personal Information. Staff who are authorized to handle Personal Information and the scope of Personal Information that they are authorized to handle are clearly defined. Asahimas has a well-established communication system in place to report any violation of the Personal Information Protection Act or Asahimas’ Personal Information Protection Management Rule.

(2) Physical security measures

・ In the areas where Personal Information is handled, staff entry and exit is controlled and restrictions are placed on devices brought into such areas. Measures are put in place to prevent unauthorized staff from handling Personal Information.

・ Measures are put in place to prevent theft or loss of devices, electronic media, and paper documents which contain Personal Information.

(3) Technical security measures

・ Access controls are put in place to limit the number of access privilege holders and the scope of the Personal Information database that they are authorized to access.

・ The information system which processes Personal Information is protected from unauthorized access by external parties and malicious software.

(4) Administrative security measures

・ Training and/or e-learning sessions are provided to Asahimas staff to learn key points of handling Personal Information.

(5) Monitoring of external environment factors

・ To handle Personal Information in other countries/regions, Asahimas regularly collects and monitors information on Personal Information protection systems of those countries/regions and implements security measures.

Data Protection Rights

You have data protection rights in accordance with the laws and regulations related to personal information of each country.

Procedures for Requesting Disclosure, Correction, and/or Deletion of Personal Information

Following is the outline of request procedures on Personal Information that Asahimas has collected. With regard to the specific procedures, please contact the service division to which you have provided your Personal Information.

* Please contact us from this page if you have not been informed which division should be approached for your inquiry.

1. Submitting requests

If you wish to request the disclosure, correction and/or deletion of your Personal Information, please contact the service division to which you have provided the Personal Information. Asahimas will send you the request form. Please fill in the form and return it to us by postal mail. In order to prevent potential leakage of the Personal Information, only requests made by the Owner of Personal Information will be accepted, except in case of the request being made by his or her legal representative.

2. Documents to be included when submitting a request

In order to confirm that the individual submitting the request is in fact the Owner of Personal Information, please submit to us a copy of your driver's license or official residence certificate, along with the request form.

3. Asahimas procedure for answering your request

After receiving your request, Asahimas will confirm the content of the request, and thereafter will send a response to it directly to you, the Owner, by postal mail. Please understand that in case Asahimas is unable to confirm the identity of the individual submitting the request, we may decline to answer the request. In addition, we ask for your understanding that while Asahimas will make efforts to respond to requests promptly, it is however possible that such response may take some time to ensure its accuracy.

To Make Inquiries about Your Personal Information

For other inquiries regarding your Personal Information, please contact the service division to which you have provided your Personal Information.

* Please contact us from this page if you have not been informed which division should be approached for your inquiry.

Use of Cookies

In some services, Asahimas uses "cookies" on its website. The purpose for their use is to be able to statistically analyze access to the website and otherwise work to provide improved services to you. The use of cookies is not something that intrudes into your privacy, nor invades your computing environment. In addition, ASAHIMAS will never publicly disclose information about individuals accessing the website in such a way that could be used to distinguish the personal identity of an individual.

* Cookie: technology that allows a website to track subsequent requests from a given computer to it.

Access Logs

On the website, Asahimas records, in the form of an Access Log, basic information on computers that access the website. The information recorded in the Access Log does not contain any information which can identify a specific individual. Asahimas collects the information to conduct statistical analysis of your use of its website, provide you with information, and deliver an improved website experience to you.

To collect and analyze access logs, Google Analytics is installed on this website.

Google Analytics uses cookies to track behavioral data on visitors. These data do not contain any personal information that identifies users and will be handled based on Google’s privacy policy.

Further information about Google’s privacy policy may be obtained from

Protection of Personal Information on Websites Linked to the Asahimas’ Website

In some cases, the website may include links to websites other than that of Asahimas. Asahimas takes no responsibility with regard to the protection of Personal Information or the contents on any website linked to Asahimas’ website other than its own website or those of Asahimas.


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