Vision & Mission

Asahimas' Mission and Vision depict from numerous of values living in the Company, which is described further based on the Company's corporate culture i.e. pioneering and cooperation spirit, honesty, integrity and creative thinking.Eventually, the Company formulates its Mission and Vision to be as follow :

The Company's Mission :

The Company's Vision    :
"To become a respectable manufacturer and global supplier of glass and its related products"

The Company’s Value :  

  1. The Pioneering Spirit
  2. Honesty and Sincerity
  3. The Spirit of Cooperation
  4. Creative Thinking
  5. Be Responsible


The prediction of Asahimas and the industry as a whole after the current economic crisis have started to recover and continue to strengthen the growth in building construction and automotive industries, creating rising demand for Flat and Safety Glass. Meanwhile, Asahimas will continue to adopt cutting edge technology to make higher volumes of higher end glass. This is still inline with one of our basic strategies to capture the upper end of the market where demand for superior quality glass products is growing, and competition is very minimal.In determining its business strategy, especially to foresee the upcoming new century, the Company has taken into account some basic assumptions e.g. :

  1. The Company is in the growing and prospective business, supported by annual demand growth for glass, low glass consumption per capita in the region and abundant raw material for glass.
  2. There are a number of entry barriers for new competitors, mainly caused by the capital-intensive and high-tech characteristic of the industry.
  3. The Company has wide distribution networks and international recognition for its numerous product lines.
  4. The Company also has the experience, the qualified management team and the competent brand name.

Eventually, the current strategies applied by the Company can be viewed as follows :

  1. Export Market :
    • - To become a respectable manufacturer in the International market.
    • - To pay more attention to the high quality and valued added products for high-end users, which could provide more favorable margins
  2. Domestic Market :
    • - To continue its leading position in the national glass market.
    • - To put more concentration to the indirect export sector.
  3. Both of the above strategies are also supported by the Company's 4 production lines, which could certainly benefit the Company's production flexibility.
  4. Finally, the Company also optimizes its effort to improve efficiency and reduce every cost. As a conclusion, all of the above Mission, Vision and Strategies are aimed to fulfill the satisfaction of the investors, distributors and consumers.



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