Corporate Social Responsibility

Employee Responsibility

It is undeniable that reliable Human Resources have become one of the main determinants of the Company's success to date. Managing nearly 3,000 employees is certainly a challenge for the Company. However, with a high commitment from all levels of employees with the philosophy of "We are in the same boat, we are AMG", the Company believes the quality of human resources can continue to be improved and contributed positively to the Company's business activities.

The Company integrates human resources strategy with business planning and organizational leadership that are backed with measures to strengthen the Company in gaining the best employees/talents and performance-based culture application, process of developing cadres of future leaders, in creating a strong engagement with employees and maintaining close industrial relations, in which all are embraced by a strong corporate culture.

To maintain a harmony in the fast growing environmental and organizational changes in the face of competition at the global level, the Company has strengthened its commitment to consistency and continuity of various programs implementation to improve the quality of its human resources. Leadership competency development program, from the early stage, is designed with comprehensive and tiered considerations, ranging from basic competence mastery, managerial capability mastery and leadership with a varied range of development tools that include training programs, mentoring, rotation, career development, leadership coaching and feedback sessions, and is reinforced with the Company's corporate culture content. The various processes of human resource capacity development are intended to produce leaders who are groomed from within balanced personal character, in terms of knowledge, experience and competency.

In carrying out Employment Practices, the Company always adheres to the Employment Law and its implementing regulations. The rights and obligations of the Company's employees are stipulated in the Collective Labour Agreement (CLA/PKB) between the Company and its Labor Unions. The CLA has a time limit and is always updated by the Labor Unions and the Company and approved by the Director General of Industrial Relations and Labor Social Security. A harmonious relationship between the Company and the Labor Unions is also improved by implanting the principle of partnership relationships, maturity and mutual trust.

The Company in conducting its business activities, continuously meets the applicable rules and regulations related to employment, which are provided in its Company Rules and CLA that among others contains the provisions for not employing under age children, providing wages above the minimum wage in accordance with the minimum wage of province/city/county in every region of the Company's business and treating all employees equally regardless of their ethnicity, race, religion, class or gender, and physical condition. Every year, the Company always evaluates the level of increase in minimum wage to be adjusted to current economic conditions.

In addition to the evaluation, the Company also provides a form of recognition to employees by giving fair promotion to good achievers. Each year, the Company routinely presents Employee Model awards to the selected employees and Monthly Incentive rewards to the employees based on their best performance.

In addition to the monetary rewards in the form of salary, the Company's employees are also entitled to various facilities and services that make their lives more prosperous and developing. All employees still get health facility for eye care, hospital inpatient and outpatient. In addition, the Company provides life skills provision to ensure the well-being of employees after retirement.


The Company is highly committed and aware of the importance of complying with the applicable Laws and Regulations including those which related to occupational safety and health, environmental protection. The Company has in place the Basic Rules Manual of Occupational Health and Safety that applies to all employees and management of the Company. The manual is intended to make every employee understand and practice the basic rules of occupational safety and health properly in oder to prevent occupational injury. The Company also has in place a slogan on Occupational Safety and Health Practice (K3), namely: "No production without assurance of safety". While the Company's K3 policy is as follows:

1. Improving the ability of Risk Assessment to promote the use of effective SMK3,
2. Continuing the safety activity tradition by not making it a routine activity that is repetitive, 3. Treating subordinates as family members and ensure their occupational safety. Developing basic principles of safety of equipment and continuously improving the working environment,
4. Conducting K3 as part of production activities by providing necessary support for line management,
5. Complying with all legislation and requirements related to K3,
6. Mobilizing proactive participation of employees in all K3 activities through open, honest and fair interaction and communication in the workplace.

To support the policy, the Company conducted several activities, among others:

• "Safety First" Campaign
• Emergency Condition Simulation
• Safety Patrol
• Occupational Health and Safety Management System (SMK3)
• Health For Employees



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