Corporate Social Responsibility


Since 1971, PT Asahimas Flat Glass Tbk (the “Company”) has grown, thrived and become an integral part of society. In conducting its business activities, the Company has embraced an unwavering commitment to contribute socially and economically, to the community.

To build the world a better place for living is a mission carried by the Company. The Company

has set three guiding policies in implementing sustainable activities in Corporate Social Responsibility, namely:

  1.  Supporting the next generation
  2. Harmonious living with the surrounding communities (Community Development)
  3. Environment Conservation

The Company has been providing support to the next generation, among others, granting scholarships and educational equipment. The Company also provides cutting glass training and assist conducted recycling paper and plastic to the surrounding community to provide expertise to them so it became an independent society. Meanwhile, for preserving the environment, the Company has planting trees and making Biopore Holes in the Company factory.

The Company expects such activities will provide positive contribution to the Company’s stakeholders.

The Company would like to thank all employees and related parties in the implementation of Corporate Social Responsibility. Hopefully the Corporate Social Responsibility activities can be beneficial to the entire community.



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