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MSW (Melting Snow Windshield)
On the inside surface of the windshield lamisafe, between the glass PVB, conductor heating will be printed at the top and bottom glass.
MAW (Module Assembly Window)
Implemented on a small glass after glass front door. Glass will be directly attached to the molding in a way molding material injected directly into the glass. With this design will enhance the cars appearance and guarantee will not leak into the car.
Defogger (anti fog)
Implemented on the rear glass with printing of conductors heating the glass surface. Used to remove moisture on the glass surface due to the temperature outside is cooler than the cars in the car.
DBO (Deep Bending Option)
A mold / mold for producing tempered glass design with very deep grooves.
On the glass surface to be printed conductors using silver paste with a special pattern. This will serve as conductor antenna to receive radio signals to the audio player in the car so you no longer need regular antenna and will add value aesthetic beauty of the car. These antennas can be implemented on glass rear and side window glass.


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