Standar Kwalitas Produk Termasuk SNI

Quality Standards

Asahimas has been registered as a company that has met the international quality standards as the following:

  1. SNI (Indonesian National Standard) • ADR (Australian Design Rule)
  2. JIS (Japan Industrial Standard) • CCC (China Compulsory Product Certification)
  3. AS (American Standard) • PNS (Philippines National Standard)
  4. E6 43R ECE (Economic Commission for Europe)

Mandatory SNI

Government of Indonesia through the Ministry of Industry and Commerce, on January 17, 2008 made it compulsory national standards for safety glass SNI cars produced and traded in Indonesia.
Every windshield is required to include SNI logo as proof that the glass is in compliance safety standards for auto glass.

Characteristics Car Safety Glass
No Item Full Tempered (Crystal glass / broken corn) Zone Tempered Glass (Glass crystal / rainbow) Glass Laminated Glass (Glass plywood / 2 ply)
1 Shatter The entire glass into small crystals and jump The entire glass into small crystals and scatters. In the area middle of the glass shards will greater. Break area only collisions and the fraction remain attached to the PVB films
2 Power 3x the power of ordinary glass 3x the power of ordinary glass Together with ordinary glass
3 Clarity (distortion) There is a distortion due to the production There is a distortion due to the production, such as color rainbow when viewed from side No distortion
4 Ultraviolet Rays Not hold Not hold PVB film can withstand up to 96%


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