Decorative and Translucent work of art

Produced by a pattern engrave on a roller being transferred to the glass surface. While allowing light to pass through, it has the function of obstructing the line of sight and create many different atmospheres of light and shade


>Indofigur with its attractive patterns and limited visibility will add to decorative effects and beauty,
>Light going through Indofigur will be transmiited at various degrees of diffused light and creates many different atmospeheres of light and shades,
>Specially for non glare Indofigur it can reduce glare completely

Kind of GlassThickness (mm)Standard Size (Inch)
2 3 5 60x48 72x48 84x48
Patterned Glass
Raindown RD     5 5  
Goldfish GF     3    
Mislite FM   3,5 3.5 5
Non Reflective NR     2 2  

1. Window partitions, screens, doors, furniture, fluoroscent fistures of residence, offices, hotels, shops, restaurants. And all other commercial and industrial buildings where decorations is desirable
2. Places where its necessary to let light through but obstruct the line of sight, e.g. bathrooms.
3. For picture framing, enabling the picture to be seen without reflection from any angle

  • Flora
  • Goldfish
  • Mislite
  • Goldfish.jpg
  • gfish.jpg
  • Non Glare
  • flora.jpg
  • mislite.jpg
  • Raindown.jpg
  • non glare.jpg
  • raindwon.jpg


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