Heating-Up C1 furnace of the Company’s New Float Glass Factory



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Name of Public Listed Company : PT Asahimas Flat Glass Tbk
Scope of Business                         : Glass Industry  
Telephone                                         : 021-6904041
Facsimile                                          : 021-6919245
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1Date of Occurence7 Nopember 2016
2 Kind of Material Information or Fact Heating-Up C1 furnace of the Company’s New Float Glass Factory
3 Description of Material Information or Fact Information or other material facts:
The Company has inaugurated its New Float Glass Factory by the ignition of the furnace in Cikampek (Furnace C1) with a capacity of 210,000 tons per year.

Construction of this factory was started in January 2015 and completed in November 2016.

Information Description of the FloatGlass Factory:
1. Location                    : Cikampek, West Java
2. Production Capacity  : 210,000 tons per year
3. Special Features        :

  • 40% greater production capacity as compared to the existing furnace.
  • Environmentally friendly furnace with world-class fuel efficiency.
  • Produce high-quality glass for various applications including architectural and automotive use
  • d.Enables efficient integrated production in conjunction with the adjacent Automotive glass fabrication plant

Currently furnace (C1) heating-up is in process and it will take approximately 1 (one) month, before it is expected to start the production in early December 2016.

4 The impact of such event, information or material facts towards operational activities, legal, financial condition or business continuity of the Public Listed Company.

With the inauguration of the furnace C1, the Company’s Float Glass factories will be spread over three (3) areas, namely in Jakarta, Sidoarjo, and Cikampek.

Previously on October 18, 2016, the Company has closed one of its Float Glass furnaces with a capacity of 150 thousand tons per year in Jakarta (Furnace F4).

With the operation of Furnace C1, which has a production capacity of 210 thousand tons per year, the production capacity of the Company’s float glass will increase again and reached 630 thousand tons per year.

Chronologically, the aforesaid capacity changes can be seen in the following table:

1. Furnace F-4* stop operating on October 18, 2016
2. Furnace C-1** started operations on November 7, 2016

5 Other Information

Additional information

In addition, to cope with increasing market demand and to support government initiative and policy of Green Building, the Company also have plan to install a state-of-the-art offline magnetron coater with European Technology in Cikampek as well. This approximately 6.0 million sqm p.a. coater, which will commence in 1H18, will allow valign="top"the Company to expand energy saving product range by improving the performance of glass in both solar control and thermal insulation, while still providing appropriate level of light transmission. The green products would also stimulate the usage of processed glass and also develop the capability of local glass industry player.

And for the end customers, they could have more options in glass performance and aesthetics to meet their design preference and enjoy significant energy saving cost of their building.

This magnetron coater will also serve to supply regional demand of energy saving product, especially in SE Asia and Oceania market, thus enhancing the Company position as regional player.

For the magnetron coater transaction plan, the Company will follow the prevailling capital market regulations.



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