Sunergy Newsletter

Solar Control Low E Glass

Sunergy is a low reflecting glass, prized for its superb 
appearance and visual comfort. The range excels in thermalinsulation
and solar control properties

Neutrality and Selectivity

Sunergy offers visual & thermal comfort. The excellent combination of
light transmission, solar control & thermal insulation makes Sunergy the
ideal glass of all seasons.
Sunergy offers flexibility in processing. It can be processed to safety glass
(heat strengthened, tempered, or laminated) and Insulated Glass Unit

 Exellence in Aesthetics

Sunergy already has two range of colour which are Sunergy
Clear and Sunergy Green. Now, there are two new colours that
has been added to Sunergy colour range, Asahimas introduces
you Sunergy Blue Green and Sunergy Euro Grey.

Since Last year,Blue Green is the current favourite colour, this
colour has been used for many prestigious project in Jakarta.
With Sunergy coating, it will improved the energy saving
properties of the glass.

Euro Grey is already been used as a solar control glass, which
has an ability to absorb solar heat. Now, Asahimas has
enhanced the performance by adding Low-E coating on one of
it’s surface. This combination makes this glass has a perfect
performance for both Solar Control and Thermal Insulation.
Sunergy Euro Grey is the glass that makes your building looks
elegant and aethetically pleasing.


  • Coating position #2 : inside coating position
  • The data are calculated using spectral measurements that are conform to standards EN 410 , ISO 9050 (1990) and WIS / WINDAT
  • The Ug-value (formerly k-value) is calculated according to standard EN 673. The emissivity measurement complies with standards EN 673 (Annex A) and EN 12898
  • Specifications, technical and other data are based on information available at the time of preparation of this document and are subject to change without notice. Asahimas can not be held responsible for any deviation between the data introduced and the conditions on site. This document is only informative, in no way it implies an acceptance of the order by Asahimas .


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