Creating Trend with Glass

Lacobel, AGC flat glass Europe's range of painted glass reflect the briliance of your design, it intensifies colour and transforms it into sparkling ways of light that add magic and movement to interiors. It plays with shadows and light that add magic and movement to interiors. It plays with shadows and light to capture the ever-changing spectrum of colour and enhances and enlarges rooms by adding depth and creating amazing new perspective.  Combining its expertise and cutting edge technology, Asahimas innovatively presents Lacobel the first mass produced painted glass in Indonesia.Through production process Asahimas has developed, ensures the consistency and homogeneity of each Lacobel sheet.


  • Glass with paint applied on one side
  • Those high quality are applied on various Asahimas Indoflot and Diamond Clear (Low Iron Glass)
  • Float glass coated with a high quality paint
  • Environmentally-friendly paint
  • Aesthetically pleasing opaque glass, the coloured glass panels acquire a bright look due to the coat of varnish
  • Bonding : silicones, tile adhesives and adhesive tapes
  • The paint coating is moisture resistant
  • Available in a SAFE / SAFE+ version: this is a polypropylene film applied to the back of the glass which ensure safety
  • Available in an antibacterial glass version
  • Durable appearance : the back of the glass with the layer of varnish is always positioned against the surface to be covered. Positioning it in this way also preserves the colour and appearance of the glass
  • High-quality finishing : the manufacturing process guarantees uniform finishing and the paint adheres flawlessly to the glass
  • Easy to assemble and maintain
  • Lacobel Glass meets the demands set by current interior architectural design trends is easily combined with other material such as; wood , steel and stone.


The new lacobel range comprises 5 standard colours and 10 non-standard colours that you can use to create a sense of light and space.


  • Various interior usage, such as ; room partition, wall cover, etc
  • Furniture : wardrobe door, table, kitchen set, etc 


  • Heat-resistant The paints used for Lacobel and Lacobel Safe can withstand temperatures of up to 80 °C. Special note for splashbacks: Non-tempered glass can break if there is a temperature difference of 30° C or more on the same sheet of glass. For instance, a hot cooking vessel that touches the glasscould cause it to break
  • Light- and UV-resistance Light and UV-resistance of the colour, Lacobel is light and UVresistant. The colours of the Lacobel glasses are fixed during the production process
  • Moisture-resistant All Lacobel colours can be used in environments where moisture is present but it cannot be immersed in water
  • Reaction to fire Lacobel was awarded class Lacobel Safe+ A2 s1 d0 and Lacobel. Safe+ A2 s1 d0 according to the norm EN13501-01. The statement of conformity is available in the quality module
  • Exterior applications Lacobel may only be used for interior applications. It cannot be assembled in double glazing even if the Lacobel is placed on the interior side of the building.


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