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Empowering individuals or community groups in the communities by providing skills is one of the Company's ways to develop and empower communities to become more selfsufficient. Therefore, the Company has been doing community development activities, which include:

Scholarship Program
One of the Company's active roles to improve quality and educational facilities for the communities is by periodically providing direct assistance to the world of education. The assistance is given in the form of scholarships and school equipment for early childhood and elementary school levels around the Company's factories in Sidoarjo and Cikampek. In addition, since 1985 to date, every month the Company helps the distribution of scholarships granted by the “Yayasan Asahi Glass Indonesia (YAGI)” for the senior high school level (SMK 56 Jakarta) and several universities in Indonesia (Universitas Indonesia (UI), Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB) and Institut Teknologi Surabaya (ITS)).

Brick Making
Property development growth in most of Cikampek areas and surroundings makes the need for building materials has been increasing. The good opportunity is captured by some of the residents in the Purwasari Village to develop a brickmaking business. The Company provides assistance for place renovation and electric machines for the brick-making. The Company also provides a simple bookkeeping training to facilitate the administration of their business activities recording. The Company expects this brick making business can continue to thrive in the community so that it can absorb more labors, and hope the results can be improved, which would certainly impact on the community's incomes.

Mushroom Cultivation
Along with increased insight and awareness of healthy food, the Company has been cooperating with a group of Mushroom farmers. Mushroom is one of well-known fungus people like to eat and cultivated by farmers. There is no doubt that prospect of mushroom cultivation is very good, even up to date, local markets still do not have enough stock of mushroom. Seeing the potential market and interest of the community syrrounding its factory in Cikampek, the Company gave assistance to the community in developing mushroom cultivation.

Cake Making Training Program
The Company in collaboration with members of Family Welfare Programme (PKK) around the Company's factory in Sidoarjo held cake making training program. The residents were taught how to make a cake with good quality, taste, appearance and cleanliness and calculate basic price for the cake. This program is intended to increase local community incomes.

Mangrove Tree Planting and Eco Fun Bike
People's consciousness to preserve the environment has been increasing. In pursue of the sustainability of human life and other creatures' life on earth, a strong effort to preserve the nature is a must. For that reason, to celebrate the Word Tree Day falling on November 21, on November 22, 2014, the Company in collaboration with the automotive community of Chevrolet Spin Indonesia (CSI) carried out the planting of 1,000 mangrove trees in the Mangrove Eco Tourism area, Kapuk, North Jakarta. Before planting mangrove trees, the Company and its employees and family held a fun bike activitiy covering approximately 15 kilometers distance.



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