Corporate Social Responsibility

Environmental Responsibility

The Company continues to take this matter seriously by creating Green Product. The Green Product refer to the products made/produced by meeting environmental friendly requirements. Consumers now have a high awareness of using environmentally friendly products that are free from chemical elements that can harm health and the environment.

In line with this concept, the Company has launched environmentally friendly glass products. The Company has launched environment-friendly products under the “Sunergy” brand. Sunergy Glass has several competitive advantages,
namely: environmentally friendly and energy efficient. This type of glass has a low reflection of light and is energy efficient because of the double coating on the glass surface that makes the hot air from outside of the room can be  inimized so that electrical energy for the air conditioner (AC) can be saved.

The Company pioneered the first environmentally friendly glass products in the country, which are mirror products under Miralux and Dantalux brands that are copperless glass interior products and more corrosion resistant.

Those are the different products from the products available on the market, especially in the country. The Company expects that  the Company's environmentally-friendly products can meet the consumer demand trend for Green Products in line with the Government's policy of introducing Green Building and Green Architecture concepts in the construction and property industries.


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