Corporate Governance

Whistleblowing System

 In order to support the implementation of Good Corporate Governance, the Company has provided Whistleblowing System or commonly known as Complaints Service. This service is addressed to the employees and stakeholders of the Company in order to participate in improving supervisory function on the breaches that may occur in the Company.


How to Report a Violation

The Company has provided facilities to report any breach and irregularities that may be detrimental to the Company through several means, among others:

• SMS: 0815 898 9999

• Email:

• Facsimile: (021) 6983 7578

• Written correspondence to the Company’s address


Protection to the Informant

Each stakeholder is most welcome to make reports of irregularities that occurred in the Company. The Company provides protection to those who report the occurrence of irregularities and breaches. Information submitted to the Complaints Service must be accountable to avoid any slander on the defendant.


Handling of Complaints and The Party Managing the Complaints

For each information and report from employees or stakeholders, the Company has established a Compliance Team responsible for handling and managing the submitted information and reports. Compliance Team will act in accordance with the Company’s Helpline Services. Standard Operation Procedure (SOP). Compliance Team will attempt to investigate all reports received equitably and thoroughly and will take appropriate actions. Results of these investigations will be submitted to the Compliance Committee and also the informant (whistleblower) who provides such information


Results From Report Handling

the Company received some information and reports submitted through the Helpline Services. The Company has followed up the reports and performed the necessary correction actions. However, the Company believes that the use of these facilities still need to be improved.



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If you aware about the action which has been done by someone related to the Company.